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Your electrical panel is the engine that drives the electronics in your home.

    Your electrical panel is the single most important component of your home’s electrical system. But many times it’s overlooked and forgotten about until there’s a problem. Fuse panels and breaker panels are designed to distribute electricity through and provide overload protection for the circuits in your home.

Sometimes equipment fails without warning, other times you may experience tripping breakers, blowing fuses, buzzing sounds or burning smells coming from your electrical panel, lights flickering, lights dimming,partial or full power outages, or anything out of the ordinary. These can all be early warning signs of possible equipment malfunction or failure.

There are a couple of brands of breaker panels that have been reported as having major manufacturing and/or design flaws that can potentially put homeowners at risk—Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco panels. – source: WWW.ISMYPANELSAFE.COM

Facts About Breaker Boxes & Panels:

–  The breaker box is the heart of your electrical system.
–  Make sure your panel is still up-to-date and UL listed.
–  Make sure you know how to properly operate your panel in case of emergency.

Signs that it may be time to replace your panel:

1)   Zinsco or FPE Panel  (please research, many issues resulting from these)
2)   Over 25 years old.
3)   Corrosion, heat damage or discoloration.
4)   Under sized for electrical needs.

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